Monday, October 22, 2012

Gabbar Singh

I know we're not in India anymore, but humor me. There's so much to say that hasn't been said.

Today while I was making dinner I was feeling especially nostalgic, so I turned on some Indian music.

The most popular pop culture thing among almost everyone while we were in Hyderabad was a the recent Tollywood hit - Gabbar Singh. (Tollywood is Telegu cinema, as opposed to Hindi in Bollywood). The music was everywhere. All the time.

At first it was so fun. We might have made a few music videos.

But then it became a little grating. Over and over and over. Luckily, just before we left another movie - Eega - was becoming the big hit.

But now I secretly miss it. Here's one of my favorite songs from Gabbar Singh. Enjoy.

(In case you just need more, here's another good one: