Monday, February 20, 2012

We're actually doing it!

May 2012. Kyle and I are flying to Hyderabad, India.

I will be going with an organization called HELP International, involved in a variety of projects dealing with education, poverty, and health (yay for using my public health degree!). We'll be partnering with local NGOs to help amplify the effect we can have, and hopefully make it more sustainable. I am so excited to meet these people and to learn how I can be of help. Mostly I think I'll just learn from them in general.

Kyle will be going with a slightly separate agenda, doing research to evaluate the efforts and partnerships of the HELP International, helping them to find out what is effective and how to improve. Kyle is excited about this because he wants to end up going into business consulting, specifically hoping to use these skills to eventually help Non-profit organizations work more effectively. He is going to do such a great job.

Kyle and I have both dreamed of being involved in international humanitarian work for a while now. I'd applied and considered going a few times, but never actually went for one reason or another. Kyle, too, almost went... but then we got married. When this opportunity arose, it was a difficult decision because it requires us to drop everything else in our lives for a summer, and because of expense... it's kind of a big decision.

But we are going for it! It is such an exciting, scary, fantastic prospect. We will keep you updated with all that we're doing, and we hope you enjoy hearing about our adventures.

And if you're wondering where and what Hyderabad is, our next post will tell you all about it! Until then, we'll be busy learning all we can, preparing like crazy, and attempting to make our own Indian food (we'll let you know how it turns out).

(that's goodbye in Telugu)